Mission & Vision


Our Mission 

To Know God and Make Him Known

Out of our desire to pursue and glorify God, we at YWAM Discovery Bay commit to make missionaries.

  1. We will grow and nurture a loving covenant community that is passionate about worship, prayer, holiness, hospitality, and sharing our faith.  
  2. We will introduce and challenge people to missions through camps and retreats at our beautiful campus.
  3. We will train people multi-generationally for missions through YWAM courses such as Discipleship Training Schools, TESOL, and School of Frontier Missions.
  4. We will send people out into missions on short-term teams and on long term assignments.
  5. We will bless career missionaries through prayer, financial helps, field visits, hospitality, member care, and short-term respite at our campus in Discovery Bay.
  6. We will network with local churches and ministries and serve the local community.
  7. We will focus globally on evangelism and on the nations, particularly the unreached, with a specific focus on Asia.


Our Vision

"Aim at what is in heaven"(Colossians 3:1) While doing God's work on earth, we know that our hope and future are out of this world. Our eyes are focused on eternal treasures which will not pass away. Therefore, we desire to embrace a lifestyle and to walk in such a way that we are living out the “Great Commission” and the “Great Commandment” to see God’s Kingdom established here on earth.

"God so loved the world that He gave his only Son"(John 3:16) We love the people of the nations and we are involved in regular intercession for the peoples around the world, and we send workers to many nations. As a YWAM center, we are focused on several people groups for strategic, long-term ministry: especially among the Chinese and those in India. UP Teams (Unreached People teams) take short-term trips and long-term missionaries share God's love among these special peoples. As in the many years past, we also want to see King's Kids teams and youth present the gospel in these nations in exciting and culturally relevant ways including teaching English by, mercy ministries, service projects, cultural arts teams, and sports teams throughout Asia.

"Do good things for the city where you are you living"(Jeremiah 29:7). We live in Jefferson County, a fast-growing bedroom community to the Seattle metropolitan area. We want to work to transform many aspects of our community life by our daily lifestyles reflecting our relationship with God and being an integral part. We also desire to partner with others in the local community. By linking together with the local church and other community agencies, providing training and youth and family camps, hosting community events, and being involved in local community activities, we want to help mobilize the emerging generations into living their lives for God going on the mission with Him to bring His Kingdom to this earth. We also want to help promote prayer and unity among pastors and civic leaders, and initiate programs that highlight the needs and opportunities of youth and families.

"Fan into flame the gift of God which is in you"(2 Timothy 1:6) We are also involved in the daily lives of people by offering hospitality to local churches, Christian youth organizations and other Christian ministries as they come to gather at our camp and retreat center. Through our Discipleship Training School and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), SOFM and Venture Beyond Seminar, we are teaching young people Life Skills that can be used in their individual lives and in future ministry as they reach out to those in their workplaces and communities as well as in the nations. We also produce a monthly newsletter to encourage others in their walk in this world.