Feel called to missions?

Develop skills and tools to reach cultures around the globe. Be equipped to bring the gospel to unreached people. Be stretched and challenged as you seek God and prepare for the mission field. Then join a long term team overseas and gain hands-on experience.

Essential Objectives and Attitudes

Objective: That the candidates would have the sensitivity and ability to initiate their own language learning strategy (which includes helping them learn how to become a positive wanted part of the community).
Attitude: “I recognized I can and must learn the language of the people group using and adapting various linguistic principles together with other resources available.

Objective: Sensitivity and ability to initiate their own culture acquisition program and a community needs assessment approach (including some people group research during the school.)
Attitude: “I can and want to explore culture and community dynamics including the unseen values and felt needs of the people group.”

Objective: Know how to start developing and step out towards an integrated strategy in responding to the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people group.
Attitude: “It is my heart’s desire to see the holistic gospel brought to these people, and I am confident in how my role and calling fits together with other team members in seeing this happen.

Objective: Know how to develop and step out toward an integrated strategy in evangelism, discipling, and leadership training that results in a church planting movement among the people group.
Attitude: “Church Planting is my goal and I can and want to step ahead in applying Biblical principles, building strategic relationships and implementing a church planting strategy, raising up local leaders as change agents and as indigenous church planters.”

Objective: Be able to communicate a Biblical mandate for missions (including God’s heart for the poor and the Kingdom of God) and using good examples from the history of missions.
Attitude: “I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and I can and want to study it regularly. My motivation and foundation for missions has a broad base in the Bible, and I want to learn and creatively communicate (storytelling, role playing, drama, etc. from the Bible and from history.”

Objective: Recognize traditional beliefs and enemy involvement and responding in sensitive and effective spiritual warfare.
Attitude: “I am not afraid of spiritual warfare, but see it as a key, recognizing my need to develop my skills in this area.”
Objective: Identify and use as many spiritual gifts as possible.
Attitude: “I want to continue growing in these spiritual gifts, stepping out in faith as well as affirming and relying on the gifts and calling of others.”

Feel called to long-term missions? This course will give you tools to reach cultures around the globe. Be equipped to bring the gospel to unreached people.